Taught by: Sonja

Mindfulness meditation course

Upcoming Dates: TBC (4-weeks) 

In this course we will explore mindfulness practices, including informal and formal mindfulness meditation, self-compassion and some more structured meditation practices. We will also discuss some of the roadblocks to regular meditation practice and what you can do about them. We usually have some interesting group discussion and enjoy the lovely support of others who are on the same journey. Don’t worry if you are shy, there is never any pressure. Mindfulness meditation is a process of training of “awareness”. 



Taught by: Sonja

Yoga and meditation retreat

Upcoming Dates: TBC

Beginners are very welcome! There are so many benefits of Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama (the breathing practices of yoga). Come and explore with us these healing practices. Yoga attunes the body, improves posture, corrects breathing patterns, helps reduce stress, brings deep relaxation, and if you wish, enhances personal growth. Regular practice encourages the body to move towards its natural, healthy state, to become fitter, more flexible, strong and balanced. Meditation brings clarity and focus, to the mind, improving your ability to ride the normal ups and downs of life with less disturbance. Pranayama improves your breathing patterns, and brings focus and stillness to the mind and body.