The Connection: Mind your Body

The connection mind your body

This is such a great movie….so inspiring, giving us the evidence that we can dramatically change our health by working with the mind/body connection (yoga and meditation)

Here’s the website with a preview of the movie. You can also download it.

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This is what the film maker has to say about the movie:

About ten years ago I faced a personal health crisis and doctors couldn’t give me a cause or a cure. As a journalist, I went in search of answers, compiling the latest research proving a connection between our mind, body and health.I made a film which includes remarkable stories of people recovering from illnesses like cancer, heart disease, infertility, chronic pain and MS.I now write a blog about using this research in our every day lives. Whether it’s by reducing stress, practicing meditation, understanding diet, or nurturing relationships, the good news is we now have the evidence based proof that you can change your mind to change your health
— Shannon Harvey