Siobhan Tierney, Kids Yoga Teacher

Siobhan Tierney (On hold for now)


Classes: Kids, teens & family Yoga

Regular Kids Yoga Classes (Yoga Joeys): $112for 8 week term. 

Teen Yoga Classes:$120  for 8 week term. 

Holiday Program for Kids: TBC

To book into Kids Yoga (Yoga Joeys), TEEN YOGA, FAMILY YOGA or the Holiday Program, please contact Siobhan directly. 

Mobile: 0457 107053    |    Email:

I first started practising yoga in London in 2007 for a purely physical practice, however I soon began to notice that I was experiencing emotional benefits too, such as feeling calmer in stressful work situations. Yoga was also helping me with lower back pain.

Following the birth of my children, I attended Mummy and Me yoga classes and realised that I wanted to teach yoga to kids. I continued to practice with my two children at home, and I loved seeing how they enjoyed making yoga playful. I also witnessed how deep breathing assisted my three year old daughter to calm down, and how visualisation helped her fall asleep more quickly. I have had similar experiences for myself since I started practicing pranayama breathing techniques and meditation every day, as this has has helped me with stress, insomnia and digestive issues.

In 2015 I became a qualified 200 hours teacher with Celia Roberts and YIMI. I then completed my Children’s Teacher Training with Zenergy. 2016 sees me undertaking further training to gain my 350 hours YIMI certification as well as Zenergy Advanced and Yoga Therapy for children. I am also a registered Yoga Australia member.

I am currently teaching children of all ages, starting with 3-4 year olds in local Kindergartens, all the way up to teenagers. I am inspired on a daily basis to make yoga fun for the children that attend my classes, and to ignite a passion for yoga in them. I want to bring some peace into their busy lives, and provide them with tools to help them deal with tough emotions and stress. Most of all I want them to leave my classes with a strong sense of self-esteem, and to know that someone believes in them.