At YogaPlusPhysio there are many different options for Yoga.

YogaPlusPhysio Classes          

Taught by: Sonja

General, Vinyasa and Men's

Taught by: DonPeter, Pia

Yin Yoga (resumes August 13th)

Taught by: Kerry

Kids, Teens & Family Yoga Classes
(on hold for now)

Taught by: Siobhan

Yoga For

Taught by: Kerry


  • If you have health conditions or injury, and wish to attend either of the first two classes, a Physiotherapy assessment is advisable. This will also provide you with an individualised home programme to enhance the benefits gained from yoga. Sonja is available to provide such an assessment. Click here to book a Physio and Yoga therapy session

  • Please book into a class if you haven’t been with us before.

  • All classes (except restorative & kids yoga) will be taught in 8 week terms in 2016. These terms do not coincide with school terms. There will be 5 yoga terms in 2016. View terms here.

  • Please read terms and conditions here.

  • Come10-15 min early to get settled. We start right on time:-)


This class is designed for those recovering from illness or injury. If you haven’t exercised in a very long time or if you are an older person and you are concerned how to start then this will be the class for you.  In this class there is a strong emphasis on enjoyment and moving with mindfulness. It is gentle and you will not feel rushed. Includes the teaching of gentle pranayama (breathing practices) and relaxation/meditation. 

Beginner YogaPlusPhysio

A little stronger than the previous class this class is suitable for students just starting out and wanting to build strength, core stability, flexibility and endurance. If you have injuries, problems moving, or health conditions you may be given modified postures to enhance the
benefit for you. This class includes the teaching of gentle pranayama (breathing practices), relaxation and meditation.                                       


General YogaPlusPysio

This class is a progression from the previous one. Those who have worked through managing their injuries and growing in confidence may consider this class. If your injury is minor and doesn’t concern you too much and you have a reasonable level of fitness, this may be the place for you to start. This class includes the teaching of gentle pranayama (breathing practices), relaxation and meditation. 

Private Class YogaPlusPhysio

Special, private classes can be arranged with Sonja. They can be conducted for one person or a small group of family or friends. This enables more specific attention and suggestion for the most suitable practices for you.



No previous experience is required. This class requires a ‘reasonable’ level of fitness.  This class includes the teaching of gentle pranayama (breathing practices), relaxation and meditation. 


To do this class you need a reasonable level of fitness. A Vinyasa flow class is a series of asana often sequenced around the sun salutations and focused on moving with the breath. Each class is unique and postures will flow dynamically to increase flexibility and be held statically to build strength. An active practice aimed at removing any blocks impeding the flow of prana (this is the yogic term for energy or life force) expect to leave feeling stronger and more supple and energised yet calm. 


This is a men's only class. No previous experience is required and so it is suitable for beginners and experienced men.  This class includes the teaching of gentle stretching, strengthening and balance postures and ends with relaxation and meditation. It’s a fun class with lots of laughs and camaraderie!

Yin yoga works with the deeper tissues within the body; deep fascial networks, joints and ligaments. It is a
yielding, allowing and nourishing practice that works by encouraging gentle releasing for extended periods
of time. Props such as bolsters and blankets can be used to support the body in these longer holds.
Exercising the tissues in this way helps to regain space and openness in the joints. With encouragement to
practice mindfully Yin yoga can also help to reduce stress. A yin activity is based on finding stillness &
cooling the body .

yoga for stress

The focus of this class is a mix of yoga therapy and mindfulness for stress reduction. Mindful movement, yoga postures, breathwork (pranayama) and specific mindfulness meditation techniques will be combined to help activate the body’s natural mechanisms for relaxation and healing. Approaches for building strength, confidence and resilience will also be explored. Formal mindfulness practices provide the opportunity to learn how to move out of stressed states into calmer regulated states, and the possibility of cultivating kindness and friendliness to life’s experiences, whatever they may be. 

No previous yoga or meditation experience needed. 

** These classes are on hold for now **

These classes are designed specifically for kids, teens and families and are taught by a registered Children's Yoga Teacher.

  • Creativity and movement using fun themes that appeal to this age group

  • Strong emphasis on self-esteem

  • Teaching body and mind awareness

  • Age-appropriate relaxation and meditation techniques

  • Building concentration and focus

  • Learning kindness, gratitude and respect

  • Setting the foundation for a healthy body and mind